Banstead Range

Pavilion to suit the club with two pitches on their ground with the pavilion positioned in between.

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Banstead Range

The Banstead range is designed to suit the club that has two pitches on their site with each pitch sitting either side of the clubhouse. The two pairs of changing rooms are sited back to back facing out onto their respective pitches and the clubroom bar and kitchen have dual aspect. Can be constructed in traditional or contemporary style. The building is designed to provide equal facilities to both grounds rather than have a main and back ground which presents that feeling of being devalued when playing for a lower team. The clubhouse can be constructed using prefabricated timber but also more traditional brick construction.

Materials and Finish

The Banstead Range can be brick finished or rendered if required. The building, in order to keep down costs, is prefabricated so delivery and then erection of the shell of the building is very quick, with this taking usually around two weeks. The building arrives with the groundworks in place so that it can be assembled quickly on site. Once the shell is constructed, our team will fit out the full interior layout. The pavilion comes with a non-slip external quality rubber flooring on a ramp to allow for disabled access and is designed to protect against studs and spikes. From an environmental perspective, the highly insulated composition of the building envelope means that the pavilion is extremely energy efficient and sustainable. This will help keep energy bills to a minimum once the building is in use.


The internal space is designed to be flexible and suit your club’s needs. Changing rooms face onto either pitch and they come with benches with storage underneath, showers, a toilet and a sink. There is an umpires changing room and toilets for all which are accessed from the clubroom including a disabled WC. A plant room handles the services that run through the building.There is a large clubroom space which contains a kitchen and bar space and allows enough space to incorporate an office, a shop or meeting room. Views onto the pitches can be accessed from the bar, the kitchen, as well as the clubroom, through the large sliding folding doors to ensure that spectators can witness the action from every aspect of the building. The size of the kitchen is dependent on your requirements and we have a wide variety of choices for kitchen ranges to give you an idea of the finishes potentially available. As with the kitchen, the size and look of the bar is dependent on your requirements and for more information on the bar options available please review our bar ranges. If you are keen on a different look then we are able to offer a wide range of flooring options as well as alternatives on all finishes, doors and windows and more.

Choosing Sports Clubhouses to help deliver your project

  • We offer a complete turnkey package so there is one single point of contact throughout the project
  • We work with the best companies and suppliers at the best rates formed over years of working in this industry
  • We have a passion for sport and club life having grown up as players and then becoming captains, chairmen and even presidents of sports clubs and leagues in the UK. Consequently, we know what lies at the heart of clubs, how committees think, and how difficult it is in the current climate to sustain participation in sport.
  • We are all specialist consultants or directors in our own fields.
  • Flexible packages that allow our clubs to integrate various local trades into the programme, such as electricians/groundworkers/plumbers, as long as they adhere to our specifications and method statements. This can help significantly reduce the overall costs and allow for representatives of the club, or the local community, to have a physical impact on the project
  • We are design led which allows for a greater focus on design, financial management and business model planning
  • Full consultancy package including planning, building control, energy reports and project management
  • Fundraising advice and guidance

About our Pavilions and Clubhouses

  • Available in a variety of constructive forms. They vary from traditional timber frame to contemporary eco-style to standard bricks and mortar construction. We design the clubhouse that looks and feels right for each club.
  • More competitive than any other design, build, supply and fit company in this field
  • Incredibly inexpensive to construct
  • Predominantly pre-fabricated so extremely quick to construct which is essential when clubs want to minimise lost income and when building during the winter
  • Expertly designed with over 25 years of practical sports design experience in the team specialising in the delivery of pavilions and clubhouses
  • Designed to meet governing body standards
  • Sustainable, energy efficient and with fantastic heat retention which will dramatically reduce your whole life costs and energy bills
  • Very low ongoing maintenance requirements

Our Packages

In order to offer our clients a complete and very flexible package we are able to break our services into various procurement options to suit your requirements including:

  • A complete turnkey operation. Effectively we ‘join the Committee’ and work with you throughout the project from inception to handover. This would incorporate all of the above and incorporate all the required professional services.
  • An estimate for the Building Shell and the interior fit-out costs (including groundworks)
  • An estimate for the Building Shell only

Whilst we will be able to offer an estimate cost of the works it will be dependent on a site survey to factor in the potential variants of your site (ground conditions, proximity of tree roots etc).

One day fundraising review

If your club is in need of a detailed consultation and review of your fundraising options then our fundraising consultants offer a one day review. During this review they will look at every possible avenue in sourcing finance. They will pay close attention to the history of the club and the town as they are aware that the on-field performance of the club should remain a priority. They will review your clubs position on a number of levels, and in accordance with the club’s aims and aspirations, to deliver a two page report with detailed recommendations specific to your club.

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Size – 395 sq metres
Timber clad pavilion and prefabricated timber structure (or can be more traditional construction). Fully compliant with latest Building Regulations. Includes all design and drawings to pass for planning purposes. Structural Engineer’s drawings and calculations to confirm with Building Regulations. Project Management included.


• ECB compliant sized 4 changing rooms (including Officials change) serving two grounds. Changing room with benches, showers, toilet and sink.
• Full bar and kitchen (bar range can be designed to high specification for extra cost)
• Officials changing space
• Large Clubroom looking out onto field
• Male/Female and Disabled WC
• Bar store and plant room/store
• Storage area
• Covered veranda that surrounds all areas of the pavilion
• Spike proof external floor
• Timber windows (or aluminium/upvc for additional cost)
• Decra roof
• Ramp for disabled access
• Windows all around opening views to all sides.
• Tea room
• Access ramps
• Meeting room
• Kitchen store
• Plastic rainwater goods
• Shiplapped timber – natural finish
• Timber veranda posts with gallows brackets
• Steps to ground side
• Lighting and electrics fully designed
• Fully alarmed
• Fire plan
• (optional extra – clock tower, decra metal tiled roof, metal framed doors, crest in floor)

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