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Our tennis pavilions and clubhouses are based around a timber frame construction but these can be built to a more contemporary or masonry construction where desired. As most players come to the ground changed, the design emphasis is based on a desire to be as connected with the action as possible with views onto the courts from the clubroom an often essential element of the brief.

Most tennis clubs secure a large element of their revenue from bar proceeds and social events. Consequently, we work hard with our clubs to ensure that the clubroom and bar is designed to maximize the support for this ethos. Moreover, with tennis clubs desperate not to lose revenue and the support of playing time our pavilions our prefabricated buildings are built extremely quickly which will ensure that any time lost will be kept to a minimum. We recognize that tennis is not seasonal and is played all year round and we often take this into account by offering temporary facilities so that the club can still be used during the construction period.


Our Range of Tennis Clubhouses

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