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This ambitious club had grand plans and needed a building to match that could be expanded when they purchased the adjacent land to make a third team ground. Having viewed the highly successful project at Ashtead designed by Sports Clubhouses the club challenged the same team to design a building that met their needs, refined the Ashtead design standards and yet keep to a very tight budget. The building has not only was awarded the ECB County Showcase Award for 2010 but is so well used that the additional revenue generated has allowed the club to purchase the additional land 3 years ahead of target.


The clubhouse conformed to all ECB TS5 design requirements. Overall internal size – 310 square metres. Features were a 120 square metre clubroom and a spacious viewing veranda to the whole frontage. Ancillary buildings were repositioned and clad to match.


Timber framed building with ship lapped sustainable timber cladding.
Metal Decra roof tiles.
Rafted concrete slab foundation
Aluminum doors and windows.


2 changing rooms with vision onto the pitch as per TS5 guidelines.
Kitchen and Bar with vision onto the pitch as per TS5 guidelines.
Very generous clubroom and veranda to allow flexible community use.
Associated buildings repositioned and reclad to match
Designed to accommodate mirrored additional changing block for second ground when purchased.
Electronic scoreboard mounted on special matching carriage structure on opposite side of the ground.
New building now also being used for football club changing. The two clubs had feuded for 20 years but the new building has broken the impasse and the two clubs now work hand in hand.
Revenue generated by the new clubhouse has fueled the club’s expansion.
The new pavilion was constructed for £180,000 cheaper than original budgets for traditional construction methodology.


Chipstead Cricket Club
How Lane


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