Our bowls pavilions are invariably designed to harmonise with their surroundings and tradition of our clubs. This will often require a timber framed construction which we have an impressive track record delivering projects of this type. These buildings are quick to erect and construct and thus reduce any downtime lost as a result of construction. As with cricket, these buildings will usually be built during the winter so that they are ready for handover in time for the summer season. We are very flexible, however, and we can build and finish our pavilions in any style that is required.

Our bowls pavilions have less of a focus on changing rooms and more of an emphasis on the clubroom and bar area. Bowls clubs have a strong social aspect and we are always keen to support this ethos within our buildings to ensure that they can provide the facilities that help sustain our clubs. This often incorporates space for the introduction of indoor bowls into the clubroom which can help secure additional revenue for our clubs during the quieter winter months.

We will always ensure that our pavilions are designed to be as linked to the match play and the green as possible which helps promote that vital club atmosphere.

Our Bowls Ranges