Our rugby clubhouses, much like the football clubhouses, tend to have a strong focus on providing designs that look robust and secure. When we do design contemporary buildings they are often finished with flat roofs alongside a brick or rendered fa├žade often proving a perfect fit. Although this can of course be a timber building if that is more appropriate for your club.

Internally our rugby clubhouses look to cater for the players and supporters alike with a large clubroom and kitchen facility able to provide post match food and refreshments. The kitchen facilities can also provide refreshments during the matches with easy access between the kitchen and outside. There is a strong focus on the bar design and layout as the majority of club revenue will be derived from the bar. We understand how crucial this design is and offer our clubs a wide variety of bar styles, layouts and finishes to suit any brief.

The changing rooms need to be bigger than other sports to incorporate the bigger playing squads alongside RFU requirements so a strong emphasis is placed on the changing room layout. Consequently, showers and toilets are designed to a good specification and, as most players tend to wear boots, the flooring is designed to be stud-proof. Externally, we can provide shutters to ensure maximum security.