Heathcoat Range

The Heathcoat Range is our flagship, very traditional pavilion hand-crafted employing traditional timber construction with wood culled from an adjacent front and machined in a local woodyard by craftsmen. This range is based on the pavilion built at Heathcoat CC which was described by Mike Gatting as the finest clubhouse in the country, with the possible exception of Wormsley which was built at huge expense by John-Paul Getty. Despite the refinement of the construction the cost was still markedly cheaper than traditional bricks and mortar construction.

Materials & Finish

We have designed this range to be built as per the Heathcoat model but it can be built using prefabricated timber or brick construction depending on your requirements. The pavilion comes with a non-slip external quality rubber flooring on a ramp to allow for disabled access and is designed to protect against studs and spikes. From an environmental perspective, the highly insulated composition of the building envelope means that the pavilion is extremely energy efficient and sustainable. This will help keep energy bills to a minimum once the building is in use.


Internally, the building consists of two changing rooms positioned at opposite sides of the clubroom. The changing rooms come with benches with storage underneath, showers, a toilet and a sink. There is an umpires changing room and toilets for all which are accessed from the clubroom including a disabled WC. A plant room handles the services that run through the building. There is a large clubroom space which contains a kitchen and bar space. Views onto the pitches can be accessed from the bar, the kitchen, as well as the clubroom, through the large sliding folding doors to ensure that spectators can witness the action from every aspect of the building. The size of the kitchen is dependent on your requirements and we have a wide variety of choices for kitchen ranges to give you an idea of the finishes potentially available. As with the kitchen, the size and look of the bar is dependent on your requirements and for more information on the bar options available please review our bar ranges. If you are keen on a different look then we are able to offer a wide range of flooring options as well as alternatives on all finishes, doors and windows and more.