Priory Range

The Priory Range is our classic traditional pavilion. The pavilion is constructed using a timber frame system with traditional finishes, detailing and an internal finish with real character.

Materials & Finish

The pavilion is constructed using a timber frame system that is heavily prefabricated. The prefabrication includes all external and internal walls ready to be insulated and cladded, stairs, timber floor construction, finished roof with finish and external balustrading. The prefabrication of the building is undertaken offsite whilst the groundworks, and demolitions if required, are going on. The timber is stained to ensure that the golden colour is maintained and doesn’t silver over time. Internally, the building is finished with a mixture of fire retardant timber to the walls and decorated to the ceiling. This provides real character and warmth to suit the clubs that desire that traditional clubhouse feel. This pavilion has been finished with plenty of club photographs and graphics that illustrate the rich history of the club.


The changing rooms are positioned on either side of the pavilion with extra attention paid to the home changing room. This changing room includes personalised seating areas that provide each player with their own space and initialled locker complete with their photo on it. The ground floor incorporates an extensive clubroom complete with a catering bar and kitchen. There is also provision for a lift to allow for easy and disabled access to the first floor.

The first floor function room contains its own self-service bar. There is an open atrium that allows for viewing of the first floor ceiling from the ground floor and provides real volume in the clubroom space. Balustrading surrounds this atrium on the first floor where the members can feel that connection with the ground floor and provides a unique open plan feel to this beautiful social space. External and internal stairs, as well as the lift, allow access to the floor. The first floor space opens out onto a gorgeous balcony that offers incredible views of the action.