Contemporary Ranges

Our contemporary pavilions can be built, using a number of different products, to offer our clubs a beautiful modern building.

Sports Clubhouses is all about design and innovation. We are constantly reviewing building fabrication techniques and seeing how best to apply this for our clients. There are specific aspects to our review process.

• Firstly, there are the cost benefits.

• Secondly, do they enable us to build faster?

• Thirdly, does the building technique open up design opportunities?

• Finally, are there sustainable advantages to be gained when reviewing the project on a whole life assessment?

The products that we offer score heavily in all of those categories and we are using the considerable advantages of contemporary fabrication processes and either using them to produce some stunning twenty first century solutions to enhance the sustainability of our traditional fabrication. A perfect example of this would be the new pavilion for Hampton Hill Cricket Club where we used a SIPs construction with all of its outstanding thermal advantages and then clad the outer skin in brickwork to match the traditional Royal Park’s project brief.

But the real advantages of modern building techniques are when they are being used to create beautiful buildings with a lot of openness created by thermally efficient glazing, open spaces unhindered by columns and roof trusses, and great flexibility for the future by being able to create quite large spaces without internal load bearing walls. These can then be finished in a wide variety of ways including largely glazed, rendered, ship lapped timber panels, steel, marble or a mix of them all. Our buildings are prefabricated and prefinished. They incorporate external windows and doors, all internal walls and doors and are all conduits are in place for an easy fit-out. As a result, they are very quick to erect, allowing the fitting out process to commence very much quicker than with traditional build.